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Community rallies behind their friend, Shaun!

If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting Shaun Mohs, then you know that he is one amazing kid. At just 15 years old, Shaun has battled more adversity than most people his age. When Shaun was only two, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Then again, at the age of nine, Shaun relapsed with a second brain tumor. Throughout his treatment, Shaun endured intense chemotherapy. Unfortunately, the treatments have taken a toll on Shaun’s health and he is again in need of community support.

A few months ago, Shaun developed an infection that led to liver failure. Shaun was placed on a ventilator and in true Shaun fashion, he fought through. Shaun’s liver functions improved; however, he is still in need of a transplant. Unfortunately, the family has recently found out that Shaun’s insurance will not cover the cost of the transplant. In order for the insurance to pay, Shaun would need to be approved for Social Security. Shaun’s mom, Misty has applied for Social Security, however due to the pandemic the Social Security office is 3-6 months behind. Shaun doesn’t have that kind of time. He needs help sooner than later.

As most of us know, healthcare services are not cheap. In order for Shaun to undergo testing to see if he is a candidate for a transplant, the family will have to pay $50,000 out-of-pocket. If Shaun is deemed a good candidate, he will be placed on the transplant list. But even at that point, Shaun still waits for coverage to help pay for the nearly $340,000 life saving procedure.

Due to Shaun’s fragile immune system, both he and his mom must quarantine to prevent unnecessary infection or exposure to COVID-19. This will prevent Misty from being able to work. Both Shaun and Misty need financial assistance.

Recently, a Go Fund Me fundraiser was organized by a family friend, Hannah Friedrich. Hannah reached out to community members asking for support to raise the $50,000 needed for the testing. This isn’t the first time the community has rallied behind Shaun. In years past, the community has held auctions in support of raising money to help pay for cancer treatment. “Shaun has become a friend to everyone in this community and it only makes sense that we continue to support him,” states Jessica Goltz, executive director for the McGregor-Marquette Chamber of Commerce. “There is no kid like him. He is strong, witty, kind, and has touched the heart of everyone he encounters,” continues Goltz.

Students at the MFL MarMac School have joined in on supporting their friend. Friday nights home basketball game will be in Shaun’s honor. Students will show support by wearing grey t-shirts and passing a donation jar around the gym. “I am honored to show support for my classmate and friend,” states Noah Goltz, a Freshman at MFL MarMac. “Shaun has been a great friend to the whole class of 2025 and we are all cheering for him,” Noah continued.

If you can support Shaun, please donate through the following Go Fund Me link or show your support at the Friday night basketball game at the MFL MarMac School.

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