McGregor & Marquette History

See History Come Alive

The McGregor-Marquette Chamber has a deep appreciation for the history and culture of our cities and community. We truly believe that an outsider’s trip to McGregor & Marquette, Iowa and the surrounding towns is well worth the visit. For those of us privileged enough to call the McGregor - Marquette area home, we appreciate the scenic and historic beauty that these 150-year old towns have to offer.


Old Hwy 18 Bridge from Marquette Iowa to
Historical Image of McGregor Iowa
Great River Road
Riches of the Mississippi
Early cars in downtown McGregor
Rafting the Mississippi River at McGrego
Birds Eye View of McGregor Iowa
Bridal Falls
Train By Effigy Mounds
Paddle River Boat
Train Depot, McGregor
Parade of Soldiers
McGregor Raft
Flooded McGregor