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The McGregor-Marquette Chamber of Commerce unifies the public spirit, pools resources and works for the success and prosperity of our area while working with city, county and state resources. The Chamber provides members with opportunities for networking and growth, educational and informational opportunities, and many ways to increase the awareness of your business.

Our Success Depends on You!

As a chamber member you bring your personal experiences and knowledge as a business owner to the table. Since no two businesses or business owners are a like we offer an opportunity for our members to share ideas and pool resources to better themselves and the community of businesses we serve. We at the chamber encourage our members to unite together to support the community and public.


Benefits of  Chamber Membership

Your membership with The McGregor-Marquette Chamber of Commerce allows you access to unparalleled opportunities for networking growth, educational, informational opportunities, and many ways to increase your business brand awareness in the community. For more information Contact Us to take the next steps to unite with us in membership.

Since 1976, we have relied on our great members, business owners, leaders, and community members of our area, to make The McGregor-Marquette Chamber of Commerce a pillar of success in the community. We know we are only as great as our member’s contributions and support. So we thank you our members for all that you do.

Check Out the Benefits

Besides being a part of an organization that supports its members and helps them find their place in the community; we offer tangible membership benefits to help your business gain positive recognition in the community:

  • Radio, television, online and print campaigns

  • Print material mentions

  • Web-links to drive traffic to your website

  • Social media marketing, mentions, & tags

•    Brochure distribution
•    Marketing classes & seminars
•    Networking opportunities 

Join The McGregor & Marquette Chamber Of Commerce Today

When you join the McGregor-Marquette Chamber of Commerce we will feature your business here on our website with a link to your website, your business description and a call to action to entice potential customers to click on your weblink.  View our Membership Directory to see other businesses that we have featured and be sure to contact us with any questions.

Business Memberships

Affordable memberships make for a great value when you add in all the benefits the chamber provides. 


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Become a Featured Business

McGregor-Marquette Chamber of Commerce now offers members the opportunity to promote their business, events or promotions directly through the Chamber website. We provide featured business listings in each of the business category pages, a featured business listing on the main Business Directory page.

More Benefits of Membership

A membership with the McGregor-Marquette Chamber of Commerce is truly an unparalleled way to showcase and grow your business; while at the same time supporting the industry and growth of your community. When you consider becoming a Chamber Member consider the wide scope of benefits you will have at your fingertips.


By having a Chamber membership – you are giving your business the chance to be recognized, become a “brand”, and succeed. As well as- you are doing your part to help us “brand” our community as a great place to live and visit! We truly believe in our community and as a chamber member, you will be a part of a network of businesses that support each other and our great community. 

Chamber Involvement Brings Great Rewards for Advertising & Branding:

 We execute marketing and advertising our area by branding; creating recognition and awareness and sending a consistent message about our community and the businesses we support. It is our goal to increase our towns’ brand awareness and improve our reach. We utilize the media through press releases and advertising to get the word out about what is going on in our community.

Communication is Key for Our Chamber

By the McGregor-Marquette Chamber of Commerce serving as a communication hub: sending information and answering questions, we support the growth of our great community. We respond to inquiries from people interested in visiting our towns. As well as individuals relocating to our towns and/or hoping to open a business in our community.

Giving you Tangible Tools to Succeed

​By hosting various events – providing an opportunity for membership networking and community interaction, the McGregor-Marquette Chamber of Commerce provides opportunities to use community interaction to get your business in front of potential customers. This allows us to draw commerce to our towns and the surrounding area.

We also spend time researching and participating in opportunities including; grants, cooperative advertising, and programs such as Iowa Great Places. Those are just a handful of the ways we are working for you and taking advantage of unique opportunities to get our name out.​​

What are you waiting for? Become a Chamber Member today or please contact us with any questions you may have concerning membership with the chamber. 


McGregor & Marquette Chamber of Commerce

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