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McGregor & Marquette Chamber of CommerceMississippi River BluffsFun Signature Events

McGregor & Marquette Chamber of Commerce

McGregor & Marquette Chamber of Commerce

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Mississippi River Bluffs

Outdoor recreation opportunities abound!

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Fun Signature Events

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We Need You!

Without the support of the business owners, leaders and community members of our area, our Chamber of Commerce would not be able to achieve the success we have thus far. The successes achieved have so much more value because they are a product of cooperation.

The McGregor-Marquette Chamber Unifies!

The McGregor-Marquette Chamber of Commerce unifies the public spirit, pools resources and works for the success and prosperity of our area, while working with city, county and state resources. The Chamber provides members with opportunities for networking and growth, educational and informational opportunities and many ways to increase the awareness of your business.


Chamber members are included in the chamber’s cooperative advertising efforts.

  • radio, television, online and print campaigns
  •  print material mentions
  • web links promoting your website
  • brochure distribution

These tools supplement your efforts to create a wide-spread knowledge of your business or attraction.

The McGregor Marquette has a robust event schedule to attract customers to the community.

  • The planning and implementation of numerous local events organized by the Chamber of Commerce are all intended to bring more people to our region and your door step. These things could not happen without your support.

We Feature Your Business!

By becoming a new member today, you’ll be featured here on the McGregor-Marquette website. You’ll also be featured on the front page of the monthly newsletter.

The Details

Your membership will be good for one full year of joining the McGregor-Marquette Chamber of Commerce. To become a member all you need to do is fill out the membership form and deliver with the correct amount of dues and return to the McGregor-Marquette Chamber of Commerce.
A receipt and window cling will be delivered to you once your membership is received.

Business Memberships- Number of Employees 

1-2 $150.00

3-5 $200.00

6-10 $250.00

11-50 $350.00

51 or more $550.00

Individual Membership-Non-profit             $ 50.00   

Additional Business Entity- If you own and operate more than one business please note the additional business Membership Dues are 50% off the regular dues. ( i.e.: 1-2 employees would be $75.00)


563.873.2186 | 800.896.0910
146 Main St. | P.O. Box 105
McGregor, IA 52157


Experience Life on the River! Links to Annual Events: Arts & Crafts    Lazy River Fest  

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Chamber Information

McGregor-Marquette COC Kristie Austin,Executive Director 563.873.2186 | 800.896.0910 146 Main St. | P.O. Box 105 McGregor, IA 52157

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